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J.Elliott owner of Syzygia Research and Dirk Krause owner of Krause Machine Specialty
Have formed a joint venture to service the spec war industry to include Tactical operations units &  Special Weapons And Tactics.

John has served the spec war groups back in the Vietnam era .John was working with Mickey Finn at Qual-A-Tec R&D in Oceanside Ca. during it's start up period.
If you are from the old days you will recognize the name.
John is the patent holder for the Stressvest pat.
The vest was licensed to Setcan Inc. of Winnipeg Cannada.
Our new equipment can be found below. We have gone into production with the Blank Firing Laser Adapter for the AR-15 platform to be used with the stressvest, FATS training with a laser shootback cannon or force on force training. We have developed a gen 1.5- 3.5" shorty butt for the 7.5 inch 5.56 pistol and we are working on developing this shorty 1.5 gen for the 300 Black Out pistol 7.5 " barrel.
The Spec War support division is also working on solving other problems encounter by the warrior operator out there in the field.
Quality Is In The Small Details
Spec War Services Primier product is the Blank Firing Laser Adapter The device pictured below on the end of the AR-15/M16 Barrel is activated when firing NATO Blank 5.56 ammo. The report from the blank causes the shock wave to move forward onto the BLFA this in turn cause the laser to activate and send the coded I/R or Visible laser light to the target that has a compatible receiver device attached . The receiving end of the laser light can in-turn activate any device and cause it to react i.e. If the person is wearing a training vest from Stressvest the vest will activate the electrical stun or vibrator. For force on force training the coded laser can activate the oppositions detector device and cause the necessary reaction depending upon what the devcie is programmed to do. The Blank Firing Laser Adapter or BFLA is not to take the place of the blank firing adapter used for every day practice in the military, it is for special operations training . We will need to have your code to program into our BFLA for it to work with your equipment. If you are using a FATS we can code our laser to activate the FATS. We will sign a Non-use, Non-diclose,Non-copy agreement with the understanding that we will not disclose your code to any other company unless you authorize it.                                                       THIS IS A SPECIAL ORDER DEVICE                                  pat pend
  1. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
 The picture in the upper left corner is the BFLA on the end of the AR platform barrel . The copper crush washer is proprietary and must be changed each time the BFLA is removed from the barrel for storage. Is not necessary to remove the BFLA adapter to change out the battery. In the right hand lower corner picture you can see the end cap spanner where the battery is located and the main laser body spanner on the center of the laser adapter.
One of the main problems in the past has been when removing the laser to put the new  battery into the laser housing, you disturb the centering of the laser light set at the factory and can cause it to be off target. Up close this is no big problem the problem occurs when you are at a distance so we eliminated that problem by using a very small but powerful battery that is loaded from the top under the end cap. The upper right hand corner picture and the lower left hand corner picture is showing  how the BFLA appears. It is light weight  and hard anodized for long life. The copper crush washer prevents the hard anodizing from wearing off thereby protecting the coating.
                                                                                                                               Patent Pending